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The headlights, echoing with the continuous taillights, have a wider beam of light exposure which greatly improves the visibility and night driving experience. In conjunction with the unique dynamic steering light.

Along the expressive upward slopping waistline and the selection of dynamic alloy wheels, BYD ATTO 3 delivers a sporty and aerodynamics design.

The feather taillight adopts a geometric multi-color injection molding process to realize the integral molding of the decorative parts, and at the same time, a new light-transmitting material is newly developed to make the feathers more textured.


Fit for FUN

Fit for FUN

User-friendlyfunctions and a playful interior give a unique and distinctive style.
Agile and fun, BYD ATTO 3 provides an engaging driving experience.
The vibrant and streamlined central console reflects a positive and energetic attitude towards life.
  • Comfort in Every Journey

    Comfort in Every Journey

    The ergonomically integrated sports seats are made from sustainable vegan leather. The heated front seats are electrically adjustable, creating a more comfortable driving experience.

  • Treadmill Style Central Armrest

    The central armrest is inspired by the treadmill.

    And you could place your phone on the wireless charging pad,

    so you are always connected.

    Treadmill Style Central Armrest
  • Strum Your 'Guitar'

    Strum Your 'Guitar'

    The unique strings combined with the speaker emulate a guitar-like design on the door panel. Relax and strum your playful 'guitar' to create your own melody.

    The flexible strings can also expand to hold bottles and more.

  • Light up Your Feelings

    The multi-coloured ambient lighting listens to your moods and responds automatically to different rhythms of music with flowing illumination.

    From sunshine to stars,

    the panoramic sliding glass roof with adjustable sunshade allows you

    to embrace the beauty of the sky.

    Light up Your Feelings
  • From Sunshine To Stars

    From Sunshine To Stars

    the panoramic sliding glass roof with adjustable sunshade allows you to embrace the beauty of the sky.

  • Large Rear Passenger Space

    Thanks to the design of the e-Platform 3.0, the floor in the rear is completely flat, creating a surprisingly large space.

    This spacious legroom provides a relaxing and joyful space for your family and friends to enjoy the ride.

    Large Rear Passenger Space
  • Spacious Trunk

    Spacious Trunk

    With a simple click, the tailgate automatically opens. The anti-pinch design ensures your safety when you are closing the tailgate.


    Fill your life to the brim with the large storage compartment featuring an extra hidden trunk space. By placing your possessions in different layers, you can make the most of the space.

Energy Awake

240HP         310N·m
Introducing  BYD Ultra-Safe Blade Battery

BYD Ultra-Safe Blade Battery

New levels of safety and ultra long range can be assured
thanks to our new and innovative Blade Battery.
Master Every Move

Master Every Move

BYD ATTO 3 features an advanced driving assistance system
to help keep you vigilant and safe on your journey.
  • Blind Spot Detection( BSD)
    Our Blind Spot Detection will alert you when a vehicle is approaching quickly in the blind spot of the outside rear view mirrors.
    Blind Spot Detection( BSD)
  • Keep Assistance (LKA)

    Keep Assistance (LKA)
    Your BYD ATTO 3 can automatically guide you back to your lane should lose concentration.
    Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)
    BYD's Intelligent Cruise Control system helps you automatically follow the path and pace of the car in front at speeds below 60 km/h.
  • Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
    Rear Cross Traffic Brake (RCTB)
    When reversing, the rear-angle millimetre-wave radar, monitors other road users approaching the rear of the vehicle in real time issuing a warning sound and then applying the brakes in the event of a possible collision.
    Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Prepare to be Impressed

Prepare to be impressed
  • High-speed charging is possible, with a charging capacity of DC 88kW. You can charge your BYD ATTO 3 from SOC 30% to 80% in just 29 mins.
    With our optional 7kW wall box, charging at home becomes easy and convenient.


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