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The New Generation of Plug-in Hybrid SUV

  • km

    Combined autonomy

  • 5.1L/100km

    Low fuel consumption

  • Ocean X Face

    Elegant design

  • DM-i

    Self-developed super hybrid system

Note: The data shown on this page is according to NEDC. The autonomy (total number of kilometers an electric vehicle can travel without making stops to recharge) described in the technical sheet depends on different factors, including, but not limited to, the capacity of its battery, the use made of the engine. , the characteristics of the vehicle, the driving style, driving conditions, the user's driving habits, road conditions, as well as the weight and size of the vehicle, its power, the type of road, the weather, the speed, of the driver himself, among others.”

New Exterior Design with Oceanic Aesthetics

BYD SONG PLUS is inspired by the aesthetic design concept of the ocean, every distinctive exterior detail makes your adventures stylish.
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    The new aesthetic design of the front face of the Ocean line improves performance and elevates high-tech features.
  • Lighthouses That Shine Like the Sun on Water

    The U-shaped double suspension spotlights with incorporated crystalline texture luminous bands provide an elegant and efficient appearance at first glance. With the auto-on light setting, BYD SONG PLUS will light up your ride.
  • Sports Wheels with Furious Waves Style

    The standard 19-inch tire with sports rims brings out an endless feeling of exploration.
  • Rear Light Crossed with a Design Inspired by Waves and the Reflection of Stars

    The elegant design of the taillights makes a strong impression at the rear. Complementing unique ocean-inspired elements, it cuts an elegant figure in every ride.

Spacious Interior

Immerse yourself in elegance with a well-kept, oceanic-style cabin.
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  • New Control Center with "Heart of Ocean" Style

    A simple and classic BYD design style with optimized button layout makes control more convenient.
  • The Luxury of a Silent Space

    Use quality noise-proof glass and improve the vehicle's acoustic performance.
  • Infinity Luxury Audio System with 10 Speakers

    High-quality speakers surrounding the cabin create an immersive, concert-like experience.
  • 15W Dual Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones

    The mobile phone can be charged wirelessly by placing it in front of the control center. BYD SONG PLUS has carefully considered every detail.

Ultra safe trip

Advanced driving technology for maximum safety.
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  • DM-i Super Blade Battery Specific for Hybrids

    Specifically used in hybrid models to guarantee maximum safety when traveling.
  • BYD Intelligent Driving System

    Forget about worries on every trip with its intelligent driving assistance.
  • HD panoramic image

    The 360° panoramic view eliminates blind spots, so you can clearly see the situation around the car at a glance.
  • High strength steel structure

    Strengthens the protection of the chassis and batteries to improve impact resistance comprehensively.

Smart technology

The ideal route to explore intelligently. Find more opportunities in life.
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  • BYD Intelligent Cabin System

    BYD SONG PLUS is equipped with 4G technology, connecting people, cars and life with smooth and fast Internet speed.
  • Vehicle-to-load (VTOL) Download Function

    To supply your energy needs in different outdoor scenarios, such as camping or other emergencies.